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We here at Intelematics build a lot of AWS cloud solutions that extract data out of pluggable vehicle devices and provide that data directly to our customers or an end user’s device which could be a mobile or a web application.

We use a lot of different services that are provided from cloud-based solutions to process that data and enrich that data, so our customers can understand what’s going on in their car.

The end-user application that we provide to all our customers allows them to understand what’s happening inside their vehicle. A lot of the time, when something goes wrong in your car, you have to take it to the mechanic, and they’ll have to hook it up to their computer. We cut out the middleman by allowing our customers to see what’s going on using Diagnostic Troubleshoot Codes or DTCs and other metrics provided from the vehicle. This can include things like engine issues, fuel or battery level and even driving behaviour based on Acceleration, Braking and Turning Events.

This means not only are you can be provided on how your vehicle is running, but also provide information to the driver to reduce risk for both Environmental and Financial benefits.