ASURE is a modern and intuitive safety and security platform that empowers call centre agents and operations teams to deliver a variety of services via a single unified dashboard to any kind of IoT device. Upon activation, this potentially life-saving technology automatically dials a specialised triage contact centre where trained agents connect the vehicle occupants to the required emergency service fast, be it police, fire or ambulance, or your company’s customer care department.

Emergency call

Upon receiving an automatic crash notification (ACN), ASURE immediately alerts trained agents. The agent triages the accident event and contacts emergency services.

Breakdown assistance (bCall)

In the event of personal duress, an occupant can push an SOS button, immediately establishing a voice call to a trained agent along with the vehicle data via Intelematics ASURE.

Stolen vehicle tracking (SVT)

In the event a vehicle is stolen, Intelematics supports the police in its recovery by providing vehicle data and location information from the Intelematics ASURE Platform.

Asure service delivery screenshot

ASURE stops false alarms from being sent directly to emergency services. This is because call centre representatives always validate and triage the type and severity of an incident before sending the requried support be it emergency services, roadside assistance or a request for police assistance.

This process is made simple with ASURE’s easy to navigate web platform:

  • Intuitive platform with a single aggregated view
  • Delivering a 90% system useability score
  • Optimised for efficient service delivery