Our Privacy Policy

Intelematics provides connected services for global mobility and home applications, delivering assurance, convenience and insights through technology solutions. To provide these connected services to clients and manage commercial operations, Intelematics is required to collect, use and store certain types of personal information of stakeholders. Intelematics is committed to personal data handling practices that comply with regulatory requirements, acknowledging our duty of care to preserve the privacy of our stakeholders.

We will satisfy our Legal Obligations in managing privacy compliance:

We are subject to Australian requirements – Privacy Act 1988.We are subject to Europe Union (EU) requirements – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We will apply Data Privacy Principles to the management of personal data:

We consider Australian principles – Australian Privacy Principles (APP).We consider EU principles –GDPR Data Protection Principles.

We promote a Privacy Aware Culture and a Commitment to Protecting Stakeholder Privacy:

All employees will be inducted to the requirements of this policy and related compliance activities.All employees have a duty of care to satisfy this policy and follow related compliance activities.Serious breach of this Policy by staff will be considered a disciplinary offence.

We Collect and Handle Personal Data in a Transparent Manner:

We collect, use and manage the Personal Data of stakeholder in a transparent manner.We handle Personal Data contained in various forms of media (hard and soft format).We acknowledge our responsibility as a ‘data processor’ of EU personal data.

We Store, Monitor and Maintain Personal Data in a Secure Manner:

All Personal Data will be treated as confidential and held in a secure manner.Personal Data access will be controlled to protect it from unauthorised access, disclosure or loss.The integrity of all Personal Data and ongoing security will be monitored for ongoing compliance.

We Support Individual Access, Complaint Management and Data Breach Notification Processes:

Stakeholders will be notified should a security breach to Personal Data occur.All stakeholder complaints related to Personal Data management will be address appropriately.Stakeholders have the right to access, correct and request deletion of their Personal Data.

Data Destruction and Right To Be Forgotten:

Personal data will be retained in keeping with its agreed purpose and/or as a required record.At end of life, personal data will be permanently deleted/removed from our systems or destroyed.