Real-Time Traffic Information


Licensed by 75% of the Australian vehicle manufacturing market

For 12-consecutive years SUNA Live Traffic has remained Australia’s leading real-time traffic information provider and supported some of the most prestigious automotive brands in the industry.

You’re likely using SUNA in your vehicle every day, without even knowing it.

SUNA is real-time traffic information

SUNA Live Traffic is a comprehensive real-time satellite traffic information service that provides live traffic updates directly to in-vehicle and compatible GPS navigation devices including accidents, road works, and congestion. We make journeys more efficient by allowing rerouting of drivers if a delay occurs, to keep them moving and get to their destination on time.

Creating a smarter driving experience

The increase in active urban transportation has created a challenge in managing increasing congestion levels and road safety risks. Having reliable insights into these changing road conditions in real-time is essential to provide optimum driving experience for your drivers to enable them to get to their destinations faster and safer.

Intelematics has been capturing traffic information in Australia and New Zealand for more than ten years, providing us with a deep understanding of traffic and how it moves.

With this traffic information, SUNA delivers up to the minute data about current traffic conditions to create a smarter driving experience to get drivers and their passengers to their destinations more efficiently and reliably – saving them time and money navigating through traffic.

Provide the drivers of your vehicles with a better road travel experience by incorporating SUNA today.

SUNA Traffic components


The geolocation of a traffic incident. Messages about speed reductions and delays are most common


What the overall speed or delay is and how this impacts the journey and time to final destination


They type of incident
 (accident, lane closure, etc.). Where known, the cause of each delay is explained


Providing your GPS device with traffic information 24/7


Recognising slower speeds and longer trip times. We’re all familiar with the frustration. SUNA identifies congestion on the current trip, and where possible, provides an alternative route to keep your drivers moving.


Planned construction and roadworks can still lead to congestion and delays, which often extend travel time significantly. SUNA enables drivers to find the best route to get to their destination and avoid painstaking unplanned delays.


Accidents cause traffic chaos, slowing down cars and causing delays. Road incidents are recorded in real-time, and disruptions or delays are delivered directly to the in-vehicle satellite navigation system.

Other events

Major events, including festivals and marathons, often lead to road closures. Without proper planning, car journeys can be severely impacted, particularly for events around metro cities.

The secret is in the mix

Intelematics collects rich transport and traffic data from thousands of sensors while our human operators add live incident data to the mix such as accidents, roadworks, and other incidents affecting commuters in real-time. In the past, live incident data was collated and cross-referenced with social media channels to ensure the most up to date incident information was captured and recorded. Now, that historical data feeds our machine learning algorithms to do the job for us.

Over time, more than 200,000 incidents have trained the algorithm to recognise traffic and movement patterns and determine incident probability. This ensures road users are alerted of high-risk areas and environments.

INSIGHT Road traffic analysis portal

How SUNA keeps you moving

1. Collect

Data is collected in real-time about live incidents, the current speed of traffic and congestion levels

2. Transform

Using our in-house artificial intelligence (AI) solution TOASTi, the data is processed into information

3. Transmit

This information is transmitted over FM broadcast and mobile data to the navigation devices

4. Visualise

This traffic information assists drivers in getting to their destinations efficiently

SUNA covers 90% of traffic in Australia and NZ.

SUNA Traffic updates are transmitted across the metro areas of each Australian and New Zealand state or territory, for major arterial roads, freeways, and tollways.

We have also extended our traffic update transmission into regional towns including, Geelong, Bendigo, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, and Darwin.

In New Zealand, SUNA Traffic updates are transmitted across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga metropolitan areas.

SUNA Traffic updates are available via a compatible navigation system or application. The navigation system or application will automatically connect to the SUNA broadcast and continually update as soon as the navigation system receives new traffic messages.

The following brands have devices which are compatible with SUNA Traffic updates. However, we recommend that you check with your navigation device manufacturer for specific product information.

Automotive Manufacturer Navigation Systems

In Australia

In New Zealand

Portable Navigation Devices (PND)


After market in-dash navigation systems

Compatible devices

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Compatible Devices

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Here are some of the more common questions we get about SUNA.

SUNA is available in the major metropolitan areas of Australia (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and NT), major Australian regional cities and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch metropolitan) areas. Within each broadcast area, we transmit traffic updates for major arterial roads, freeways, and tollways.

Suna Traffic Channel operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year with the best quality transmission possible. SUNA Traffic is broadcast using an FM radio signal and silently transmits information to navigation devices to display warnings or messages applicable to your location. Depending on the device, it will either reroute you, present you an option to reroute or show as information only.

The traffic data comes from many sources, including City Councils, our traffic information operators, and sensors in the road.

SUNA is available from many different automotive vehicle manufacturers as a standard feature of their in-vehicle navigation systems. For a full list of vehicles, please check the ”Where to find SUNA” section above. Alternatively, please refer to your vehicle manufacturers manual, or talk to your dealer about whether your vehicle has access. For device compatibility, please check your user manual or with your PND supplier or manufacturer.

For a complete list of SUNA compatible devices, please go to the device compatibility list located above.

If you are a vehicle or device manufacturer, please contact us for a quote. If you are the user of a SUNA compatible device, you should be receiving live traffic updates automatically. No additional hardware is required, and the SUNA GPS Traffic updates subscription runs for the lifetime of the device unless stated otherwise.

Occasionally, as with all FM reception, brief drop-outs may occur from transmission “black spots”, especially in very dense urban areas such as the CBD, and terrain effects, (e.g. valleys). For portable navigation devices, the correct placement of the antenna will also minimise the chance of drop-outs. Please refer to the hardware manual for further information.

Including red light cameras, new roads, speed limits and school zones SUNA Traffic provide live traffic updates including accidents, road works and congestion. We do not offer red light camera information or speed limit data which is included as part of the devices’devices’ base map. We recommend that you contact your device manufacturer for more details on the base map and its inclusions and potential updates.

No, compatible GPS devices have a separate FM receiver built in to receive the SUNA GPS Traffic updates.

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