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In 1999, Intelematics was born. Our aim was to provide connected vehicle solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, combining intelligence with telematics and a vision to be bold and challenge the way we look at cars and mobility.

Intelematics pioneered the introduction of telematics and connected vehicle services by supporting vehicle manufacturer programs. Programs included basic car monitoring systems that even 15 years ago, could detect accidents. Being at the forefront of technology, Intelematics implemented scalable and reliable solutions on infrastructure that seems so limited compared to technology today.

Back then, car technology was limited and there was little connectivity– that changed with the first phase of connected vehicle technology, Intelematics’ flagship SUNA solution. The SUNA traffic system-generated live traffic data from millions of sensors, pushing the data out to cars via efficient FM band signals. Now considered the most accurate digital traffic and incident data available, SUNA is used in over six million Australian vehicles and powers most live traffic GPS units as well as many smartphone and web-based mapping services, helping people get to their destinations with minimum disruption.

The impact of globalisation on the business models of OEMs has also seen changes in the way Intelematics does business. Global supply chains have limited ‘local’ vehicle production, which has changed procurement processes. For Intelematics, this has provided an opportunity for us to branch out into new markets – establishing a joint venture in Europe as well as partnerships in North America. This also facilitated the development of products that connect into the infrastructure of OEMs, enabling greater interconnectivity. A new form of scalability, this has allowed global OEMs to make the most of Intelematics’ local expertise, including our SUNA traffic system.

Today we celebrate 20 years of providing connected vehicle services that enhance mobility, convenience and peace of mind. Our products use mobility data and predictive analytics to achieve a single goal: making transportation smarter, safer and more convenient for everyone. With our recent move to the cloud, Intelematics has become a big data company, powered by data spanning traffic patterns, vehicle performance, driver behaviours, weather, fuel, accidents, parking and more – meaning you can easily integrate your telematics programs.

We can use this data to solve problems and predict future events – bringing together the weather, traffic and patronage via mobile phone use. This technology is even being linked to economic activity and will help us better understand how society is changing.

We continue to be highly active in our traditional markets, working with our automotive, mobility, and motoring club partners as they transition to provide connected services to their customers. Our ASURE product ensures that motorists are attended to as quickly as possible, thanks to accurate GPS pinpoints that transmit directly to emergency services.

Intelematics’ unrivalled experience through 20 years of investment in research and development is keeping people informed, secure and connected as we move into a new world of deeper interconnectivity.

We look forward to solving the mobility problems of businesses and consumers over the next 20 years.