You’ve likely seen those stickers on the back of a truck or van asking, ‘How’s my driving?’. A phone number often accompanies these stickers, so citizens have the opportunity to report the employee for dangerous driving or disobeying road rules.

Fleet tracking and management solutions have come a long way since the sticker. Still, the importance of monitoring driver behaviour is as crucial as ever because it can directly cost your business.

Driver behaviour impacts so many elements of a business:

  • customer service,
  • business efficiency,
  • the safety of your employees and other road users,
  • causes wear and tear on your vehicles,
  • reduces your return on investment
  • and ultimately, the reputation of your business.

CONNECT is Intelematics’ fleet management solution for all types of vehicles. It is designed to give fleet managers, business owners and drivers the tools to manage and maintain their vehicles easily. There is an app for your drivers and a dashboard for your business – and there is a wide range of benefits that enable you to understand your vehicles and your drivers better so you can make informed decisions.

The benefits of a fleet management solution  

Vehicle GPS tracking

A fleet management solution, such as CONNECT, provides visibility of your vehicles. As a business owner, you’re able to quickly and easily locate your drivers in the field, their route history, and their time spent at each job. You can use this information to control labour costs, improve customer service, and prioritise your work based on proximity – assisting you in running your business as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle care

If one of your vehicles is broken-down, a fleet management solution provides real-time incident notifications so you can respond quickly. CONNECT does this by monitoring vehicle health and sending you an alert for battery failure, low fuel levels and engine issues – allowing you to fix a fault before it becomes a problem, saving your business money and down-time.

Driver safety

Your employees and your vehicles are valuable assets, and corporate reputation is at risk when it comes to the safety of other road users. If one of your employees is driving dangerously, you want to know about it before you hear about it from one of your customers or worse, on the news. By being aware of the problem, you can provide the required training and support to assist in preventing a crash from occurring.


Businesses using a fleet management solution can reduce their fuel costs by ensuring their employees are driving safely and efficiently.

Behaviours such as quick acceleration, speeding, hard braking and idling can significantly increase your business’s overall fuel consumption. The greater visibility of your fuel consumption allows you to monitor and manage your fuel card usage.

Odometer reports

By implementing a fleet management solution, you can accurately track and record your vehicles odometer reading. This data is not only useful at tax time, but it also helps you to track usage and identify fraud and potential misuse.

Additional insurance

Vehicle tracking allows you to protect your drivers and your business against false liability claims by verifying details such as location, safe driving, and vehicle movement with precise GPS data. Because CONNECT alerts you to dangerous driving behaviour, you can also intervene to reduce the likelihood of an incident before it occurs.

Improving your driver’s behaviour 

Investing in your driver’s safety is a worthwhile venture. You can do this by using insights gathered from your fleet management solution to educate your drivers and reward their good driver behaviour. By establishing a culture of driver accountability through initiatives such as setting targets and offering incentives, you can dramatically improve your staff’s on-road behaviour and the safety of your drivers and other road users.

To find out more about reducing your liability on the roads, get in touch.

CONNECT by Intelematics is perfect for individual drivers or fleets of any size. It simply and easily connects your vehicles via an OBD2 device to predict vehicle breakdowns, monitor vehicle health, driver behaviour, first notification of loss, GPS tracking services and diagnostic troubleshooting. This information is accessed via API, web and mobile app. To find out more about CONNECT click here