Paul Sinclair

Business Development Manager at Intelematics

Twenty-nine years in a senior sales capacity across a diverse portfolio of products, with a decade of those in the vehicle telematics sector, Paul brings a wealth of industry knowledge, understanding and experience to his role as the ‘CONNECT’ Fleet Management Solution BDM at Intelematics Australia. During his time in the telematics industry, he has delivered Teletrac Navman; Eroad and now the Intelematics ‘CONNECT’ Fleet management solutions to customers in Australia and New Zealand.   Paul firmly believes in working with his customers to understand their specific problem before offering the solution that solves their issue. Working in an industry where a vast majority of potential customers don’t have an in-depth understanding of the breadth of benefits telematics can provide, Paul realises one size doesn’t fit all, and that a big part of his role is to be an adviser, ensuring his prospects do not invest in a solution that can’t solve their problems.

Articles by Paul Sinclair