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Products & Services

Intelematics is leading the way with the latest telematics products and services that make life better on the road for everyone.


Connected Membership

Our Connected Membership app is revolutionising how drivers can connect with their vehicle, and how auto clubs can connect with their customers.

Useful information about the road is delivered using an in-car device, which pairs with a smartphone app. This includes information on road conditions, car health, and easy access to assistance, right through to offers of discounts and savings.

Apps can be accessed on a smartphone or in-vehicle dash systems, with two options offering varying levels of integration:

  • On Board Device (integration is low)  – Auto Clubs manage customers
  • Eco-system (integration is high) – Auto Club’s branding on head unit

Our CM app is flexible and can be scaled up or down depending on your requirements, and can incorporate a new approach to vehicle insurance - UBI.

UBI (Usage Based Insurance)

Imagine being able to price an insurance premium on actual driver data, not hearsay. Imagine no more. Through insights gained from millions of drivers using Intelematics' products and services across three continents, our UBI solution provides a unique perspective of driver behaviour and awareness.

With the introduction of UBI, insurers will be able to more accurately price premiums based on factual data. But that’s not all. UBI offers a raft of features with untold value:

  • Insurers can more accurately price premiums (lower premiums increase the affordability for lower risk/lower income drivers)
  • Safety benefits offered through driver coaching/ behaviour modification can help lower accident and vehicle theft related costs
  • Reduce fraud by analysing driving data
  • Improves accident response time, allows stolen vehicles to be tracked and recovered and monitors driver safety
  • Capable of obtaining vehicle diagnostic info, drivers can receive prior notification of vehicle faults (i.e. Battery Health) ensuring measures can be taken before the potential risk of an incident.
  • Geofencing the vehicle to improve fraud detection

A tailored UBI program helps empower customers to actively improve their driving behaviour which can result in fewer accidents, fewer insurance claims, reduced premiums and increased profitability for your business.



SUNA Motoring Content

As the most experienced traffic data provider across Australia and New Zealand, Intelematics has provided a steady stream of the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date traffic congestion and incident information for more than nine years.

While our key products span traffic, fuel, parking and weather information, we’ve been commissioned by government, automotive and navigation industry clients to deliver bespoke projects.


As cities become busier, traffic reporting is becoming more important than ever. SUNA is our digital traffic service, reporting current road conditions to help motorists better plan their route, taking into account congestion, delays, accidents and incidents.

  • This state-of-the-art system monitors traffic flow using data from road sensors and vehicles, and road conditions through the collection of journalistic information, offering the largest traffic database with comprehensive coverage, maximum accuracy and minimal time lag.
  • Live traffic updates are communicated to the driver in a safe manner, integrated into portable and in-vehicle navigation systems broadcast over FM radio or internet connection.
  • SUNA boasts the largest RDS-TMC footprint in Australia and New Zealand, covering all capital cities and many major regional areas.

Intelematics continues to be at the forefront of innovation and has developed next generation capabilities to deliver live traffic data using the TPEG standard over higher bandwidth connections eg. DAB radio broadcast.



As the leading aggregator of traffic data, it’s no wonder we’re trusted by a broad range of public and private clients to provide a range of general road and motoring information.

SUNA Data Services offers a range of geo-located data feeds, providing a wealth of information delivered over a secure internet connection to customers like road operators, transportation planners and app developers, to name a few.

TRAFFIC: A collection of databases and live feeds delivering traffic content in many standard and bespoke formats, such as average speeds, travel times, congestion and journalistic reports.

PARKING: Provides information to drivers that optimise the usage of existing parking areas making for efficient planning, saving time and money.

FUEL: Provides the nearest or lowest priced fuel sites around a driver's current location or planned destination. This includes comparing prices, filtering preferred service stations and fuel types and providing directions while on the road.

WEATHER: Gives drivers the confidence to easily and safely access the latest weather with detailed and regularly updated information including current conditions, the forecast weather and weather radar, for cities, towns and locations across Australia.

OTHER: Accommodation, traffic cameras, EV charging stations and other custom solutions (relevant to motorists and travellers).


Telematics OE Solutions

Telematics is not only revolutionising the way motorists can better connect with the road, it’s providing a whole new way for automotive brands to drive a deeper connection with customers.

Essentially telematics involves putting a vehicle online and leveraging this connection to provide services inside and outside the vehicle; Services that make life safer, more productive, entertaining and convenient on, and off, the road.

And it’s been proven to improve customer retention rates and servicing intervals, leading to increased revenues. With 15 years’ experience in building and operating telematics programs, Intelematics leads the way trusted by the world’s largest automotive brands.

Services and solutions include crash detection and intervention, remote diagnostics, stolen vehicle tracking, remote vehicle services including car locator, remote unlocking, health checks and fleet management services, as well as infotainment via in-vehicle dashboards, web portals, and smartphones.



We support our customers through the entire lifecycle of a telematics program including services design, hardware sourcing and integration, call centre scripting, channel training, marketing collateral development and renewal program management.

In addition, our team can assist our customers with 

  • Mobile carriage sourcing and provisioning
  • New customer activations and service transfers to the next owner
  • 24 x 7 call centre equipped with our telematics call centre software
  • Tailoring our services to fit a customer's requirements