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Be streets ahead with Intelematics.

Intelematics has been at the forefront of the dynamic automotive telematics industry for over 15 years, delivering intelligent, integrated and customisable data-driven solutions:

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We are pioneering technology for the connected generation that makes life safer, more productive, entertaining and convenient, on and off the road.

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Technology that's streets ahead

While our telematics systems may be sophisticated, the process of deploying one needn’t be.
Our Telematics Services Hub (TSH) makes implementing new technology easy, secure and scalable.

Integration with zero fragmentation

Our engineers ensure that any telematics device procedure — and any hardware — can be seamlessly and rapidly integrated.

Information security is
our priority

Rest assured Intelematics maximises protection for clients and end users at all times.

Scalable and customisable

From our CM smartphone app that can be branded, right through to completely integrated in-dash systems for manufacturers, everything is customisable.

Flexible and Reliable

We’ve been on the leading edge of telematics technology for over 15 years. So we’re well poised to deliver seamless solutions without disrupting your business.


We work with the largest vehicle manufacturers to provide bespoke systems that offer a range of options to configure with all types of vehicle interfaces.


Innovation for all

In the rapidly changing environment of automotive technology, Intelematics is on the leading edge of innovation.

By adhering to global best practice — including significant investment in research and development — we’re bringing the most advanced telematics technology to the world, including eight of the top 10 vehicle manufacturers in Australia.

Credible and collaborative

Intelematics is driving the future of connected mobility, locally and on a global scale. Our ability to deliver seamless systems has earned the trust of the world’s most respected automotive brands.

What’s more, our capacity to eliminate the complexity of implementing these types of systems for manufacturers, removes barriers to market and significantly increases efficient program implementation.

We believe the greatest leaps in innovation are made through collaboration. Matched with our agile product development processes and ISO9001 accreditation, we’re well placed to create the future of telematics, today.


Your partner
for the road ahead

While technology is ever changing, our commitment to our customers remains the same. Our ability to understand and deliver against your business needs while adding value to the bottom line has seen us become more than a supplier, but a business partner.

The world is smaller with Intelematics

We’re localising global solutions by delivering best practices in telematics and content provision. Our international network enables us to translate globally respected programs with superior services, products and features to your local market, wherever in the world it is.