With traffic moving slower than walking pace – all I want for Christmas is a clear run (Brisbane)

If you’re thinking of a quick last-minute Christmas dash, think again, with traffic congestion around Brisbane’s major shopping centres set to increase, while our arterial roads settle down.

SUNA Traffic Channel, an advanced digital traffic and motoring information service operated by Intelematics Australia shows that major shopping centres such as Centro Toombul, Westfield Chermside and Garden City, Indooroopilly and Brisbane’s CBD experience more traffic congestion in the week before Christmas compared with Brisbane’s usual peak-hour red spots.

“This bucks the normal trend whereby Brisbane usually experiences the most congestion during morning and evening peak on the Gateway and Pacific Motorways as well as Centenary Drive,” said Denise Christie, Intelematics’ General Manager of Products and Services.

Intelematics’ data from December 2017 showed that in the lead up to Christmas, drivers on Sandgate Rd travelling alongside Centro Toombul, as well as Gympie Rd alongside Westfield Chermside, and Adelaide St in Brisbane’s CBD see traffic move as slow as 3 km per hour – which is less than the average walking pace. During the Christmas rush, the peak period for congestion around the majority of shopping strips is between 12-6pm.

“Our data has shown that mornings and early evenings are the best times for shoppers to hit the streets. Traffic always ramps up during the Christmas period, so it is important that drivers remain safe and embrace the Christmas spirit,” Christie said.

About Intelematics

Intelematics delivers the intelligence behind connected services to keep people moving.

Since its establishment in 1999, Intelematics has continually been at the forefront of the telematics industry with a presence in Australia, North America and Europe. Intelematics’ expertise is delivered via a suite of scalable, multi-tenanted solutions. This includes connected transportation services such as real time insights and predictive services, connected motoring applications on vehicle dashboards and specialist safety and security services.

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