Intelematics joins the SmartDeviceLink Consortium

Intelematics, a provider of connected mobility services, has joined the SmartDeviceLink (“SDL”) Consortium. Established earlier this year, the SDL Consortium is a non-profit organisation managing the open source platform for the development and adaptation of smartphone apps within vehicle’s dashboard systems.

The platform is intended to simplify the app development process and encourage service providers, such as music streaming service providers, to create an SDL app. The SDL app features standardised screen template for easy app development.  Through the SDL platform, drivers will have greater options in how they access entertainment and information while on the road.

SmartDeviceLink refers to the access that consumers can have to smartphone apps via voice commands and in-vehicle displays.  This level of integration can reduce driver distraction as customers are able to use compatible smartphone apps via voice commands through their dashboard systems.  Recent research from the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services) has found that at least 14 percent of all crashes involve the driver being distracted by something inside or outside the vehicle.

Intelematics join the likes of Ford, Toyota and Mazda as members of the consortium.  The adoption of an open source platform enables automakers and suppliers to have a uniform standard to integrate apps. Developers such as Intelematics will be able to deliver one solution for use across all participating auto clubs while allowing OEMs to decide on how they best implement for their customers.

Intelematics’ developed Toyota Link, Lexus Enform and Ford SYNC Applink features enable Australian motorists to access a suite of apps directly from their car dashboard. The in-vehicle experience includes capabilities for remote roadside assistance, real-time weather updates, and fuel locations. This connected vehicle program represents the latest enhanced in-car experience.

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