Safety and protection is a key part of our concern at Intelematics. We have invested in specialised platforms that allow us to provide best in industry response across a range of key services. 

These globally recognised services include: 


eCall – Services for automated and user-triggered emergencies, whether in the home or in your vehicle 


bCall – Services for digital emergency roadside assistance services, if your car breaks down, our system instigates a call to your roadside provider 


sCall – Services for stolen vehicle tracking and recovery. 

Our platform is reliable and robust having been designed for high-availability and a capability to be flexibly deployed both in the cloud and on premises. 

For ease and complete peace of mind, we can provide a total end-to-end, full service solution in partnership with our proven local 24/7 emergency call centre partner or as a service via our enterprise APIs. 

Australia & NZ

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North America

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Intelematics Europe Ltd
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