Fleet GPS tracking and management solutions can save time and money for small businesses with two or more vehicles that depend heavily on optimisation of their limited resources to improve ROI.

Fleet GPS tracking and management software is used in many different modes of transport including vehicles, to improve overall efficiencies for small business. The benefits of connecting your vehicles aren’t always obvious, but there are many. For example; 

Have you had an employee fail to tell you about a dashboard warning light for weeks?  

Has this led to a break-down and staff and vehicles being put out of action for some time? 

Have you ever had a staff member go to the wrong location, or even go so far as to complete a job at the wrong house? 

These incidents aren’t uncommon – in fact, they’re real examples from small business owners who have experienced immediate financial impact and significant reputational damage because their business couldn’t meet their commitments due to something as simple as not being able to locate a company vehicle or know when it’s time to change a vehicle’s battery. 

These common vehicle related problems can be easily avoided with a connected vehicle telematics solution. 

 Telematics solutions have historically been utilised by large fleet companies. However, plug and play fleet technology has matured, and the benefits are becoming increasingly evident to the market majority – small businesses. 

 Think of any small business owner that has employees providing maintenance services, a cleaning service, or in-home care. They all have one thing in common – they rely on vehicles every day. This reliance creates three significant concerns that are vital to daily operations for any small business owner: 

  • The safety of their employees 
  • The efficiency of their business 
  • The visibility of their vehicles 

Large fleets of vehicles share many of the same problems that small business owners face – from not knowing where their vehicles are to how their vehicles are being driven and maintained. They understand that being so heavily reliant on their vehicles and employees driving them, any issue with service delivery has a material impact on their bottom line and it shouldn’t be any different for a fleet with less than 20 vehicles. In fact, the damage can be far more immediate. 

Telematics connected vehicle solutions are varied in terms of how and what type of data they utilise. Depending on the business need, monitoring driver behaviour or a vehicle’s health may be more important. Therefore, there are options to suit any small business – from those which require professional installation to those that use a simple plug and play device that is plugged directly into the vehicle’s OBD port. 

 To ensure you’re not the business owner whose employee hasn’t shown up, forgotten to tell you about a warning light or gone so far as to complete a job at the wrong house, consider a telematics solution such as CONNECT. 

 CONNECT provides businesses with operational efficiencies and ensures compliance through live updates of vehicle location, monitoring the health of a vehicle and detecting problems ahead of time.