As students across the state go back to school this week, Intelematics is urging Melbourne commuters to rethink the times they travel, with traffic congestion levels expected to double on average compared with the holiday period.

SUNATraffic Channel, an advanced digital traffic and motoring information service operated by Intelematics shows that the school holiday period has a very significant influence on traffic congestion. The data, captured through millions of sensors on car GPS units, fleet vehicles, road devices, and taxis indicate that once school goes back, Melbourne drivers will return to crippling peak periods not typically seen throughout the school holiday period.

“Travelling during peak periods which is typically defined as AM peak (7.00am – 9.00am) and PM peak (4.00pm – 6.00pm) is inevitable for a lot of people, especially for parents doing the morning or afternoon school run. If drivers can avoid major peak times, they can actually save a considerable amount of time each day,” said Intelematics’ Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Owens.

Intelematics’ data, shows that during school holidays, you typically see consistent traffic levels from 7.00 am until 6.00 pm, without the big spikes Melbournians are used to experiencing at both 8.00 am and after 3.00 pm.

“Over the last two months, the time drivers choose to travel has had little impact on their commute time. However, with school returning, drivers can expect to see a substantial increase to their commute time if they travel during the morning peak – with some trips set to take twice as long as they would during school holidays,” said Owens.

Afternoon peak times also change during school times, with the afternoon peak period starting at 3 pm, peaking at 5 pm and not dropping until around 7 pm. Compare this to school holidays, when the afternoon peak does not start until around 4 pm, shortening peak traffic by one hour.

Intelematics’ SUNA Traffic Channel

Source: Intelematics’ SUNA Traffic Channel
‘Traffic events’ are defined as any accident, roadworks or high congestion).

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