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The benefits of vehicle tracking and management 


Quickly and easily locate your drivers, their route history and time spent at each job


Be alerted to dangerous driving behaviour so you can rectify it before there’s an accident


Measure your vehicles health and route history to reduce your drivers down time

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Monitor and manage vehiclefrom a central dashboard

An app for your drivers and a desktop dashboard for you. The Connect Dashboard provides real-time insight into your vehicles health and drivers behavior, so you will never miss a job again.

Vehicle tracking

Quickly and easily view and store trip information, know if a vehicle is parked or in motion, and send a new vehicle out to a driver in the unfortunate circumstance of a break down.

Vehicle management

Receive break down notifications, better yet, fix a fault before it occurs using real-time vehicle diagnostics. The Connect dashboard provides alerts for battery failure, low fuel levels, engine issues and more.

Driver behaviour 

Your drivers and their vehicles are your assets so it’s important you protect them. If dangerous driving behaviour occurs you can educate your drivers and possibly stop an accident before it occurs.  

Real-time analytics

Connect provides in-the-moment analytics for a low battery, battery failure, broken DTCs, and a blown dashboard light. It also monitors vehicle speeds, distance driven, time-driven and more.  

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Provide your drivers with alerts for engine issues, battery drain and fuel levels

  • Predictive battery failure alerts
  • Dangerous driving alerts
  • Real-time accident assistance

How it works

Connect helps you better understand your vehicles and their drivers.

1. Install

We will send you a vehicle health monitor. Once connected to your vehicle, this device turns data into valuable insights to keep your vehicles moving

2. Capture

Plug the vehicle health monitor into each vehicle to capture location, events and driving data while your drivers go about their daily tasks

3. Process

Let Connect monitor your vehicle health and alert you to any dangerous driving behaviours, accidents, and trip details

4. Visualise

Monitor everything from the Connect Dashboard and get notified if the unexpected does happen so you can stay one step ahead


One vehicle or 100. Connect is for you

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘where are my drivers?, if you are concerned that a battery failure will take you off the road for too long, or, if you would like to be notified when one of your vehicles is in an accident, then Connect if for you.