It costs less than a dollar a day per vehicle, to optimise, track and manage your fleet with Intelematics.


Quickly and easily locate your drivers, their route history and time spent at each job


Be alerted to dangerous driving behaviour so you can rectify it before there’s an accident


Measure your vehicles health and route history to reduce your drivers down time


Expand your possibilities

From trip history, mileage tracking, vehicle health (including battery health and fuel consumption) and more your job just got a whole lot easier.

For less than $1 a day per vehicle you can easily manage and monitor your whole fleet

I want to monitor 1 vehicle(s)
  • Subscription
    Pay annually
    Pay monthly
      • Vehicle tracking
      • Driving events
      • Trip history
      • Vehicle health
      • Reports
    • $ 30
      Save $ annually
    • Subscription is $ per month per device. All prices are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.
  • Devices
    • OBD2 Device
    • 1 unit(s)
    • $130 each
    • $ 130
    Please check vehicle compatibility before purchase. Intelematics takes no responsibility for the purchase of a device that is incompatible with your vehicle's make and model.

Enterprise pricing

Have more than 100 vehicles? Let’s talk! Contact us at Call us at 61 3 8415 9000 or hit the button.

How it works

Connect helps you better understand your vehicles and their drivers.

1. Install

We will send you a vehicle health monitor. Once connected to your vehicle, this device turns data into valuable insights to keep your vehicles moving

2. Capture

Plug the vehicle health monitor into each vehicle to capture location, events and driving data while your drivers go about their daily tasks

3. Process

Let Connect monitor your vehicle health and alert you to any dangerous driving behaviours, accidents, and trip details

4. Visualise

Monitor everything from the Connect Dashboard and get notified if the unexpected does happen so you can stay one step ahead

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More than just a vehicle tracking device

An easy to use, plug and play, vehicle tracking and management solution that gives you a complete view of your fleet.


Avoid the downtime and installation costs that often come with a vehicle tracking solution because this is a self-install, plug and play device that’s compatible with many light-weight passenger vehicles. What’s more, it’s one of the smallest on the market.


4G connectivity across Australia and New Zealand .


Get a 360-degree view of your fleet. Know where your vehicles are at all times, how many are in motion, and how many are idle.  


An automated log of every vehicle’s trips from start to finish including the route taken, revolutions per minute (RPM), total distance travelled and the final odometer reading. 


Keep track of each vehicle’s current mileage and the kilometres taken for each trip. An automated odometer reading removes the need for you to record each business trip in a logbook manually. This saves many hours of work at tax time.   


Do any of your drivers have a heavy foot? With driving events, you can see each vehicles acceleration, braking, harsh events, average speed, top speed, and idling, along with an overall driver score. 


Keep your fleet managers up-to-date and in the know with real-time live tracking information from a web dashboard. This also gives you a complete view of your fleet and the diagnostic information of every vehicle.


Input each vehicle’s information to manage your inventory and track performance against vehicle type. 


If remembering every one of your vehicles registration number isn’t a top priority, take advantage of our asset nicknaming tool. That way, you can distinguish your vehicles by their driver’s name, vehicle type, or whatever you see fit.  


A dedicated account manager is here to answer your questions and queries and provide advice on how best to optimise the performance of your fleet.

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One vehicle or 100,000. Connect is for you

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘where are my drivers?, if you are concerned that a battery failure will take you off the road for too long, or, if you would like to be notified when one of your vehicles is in an accident, then Connect if for you. 

It’s easy to get started

Better manage your vehicles and people moving problems today.