Intelematics sponsors the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge

A recent Australian Industry Group study found that only 16% of school students are pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines or STEM.

This is creating significant difficulties for employers who can’t find enough candidates with the necessary skills to fill roles in Australian workplaces.

To stem the flow, Intelematics has committed to sponsoring the “Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge” to help promote STEM education among Victorian school students.

Running annually since 1990, the MSVC challenges participants to successfully build and race a solar power model car or boat, with the aim of encouraging more students to participate in STEM subjects by applying their knowledge to real-life situations.

The Model Solar Vehicle Challenge also aims to:

  • encourage more females to pursue STEM careers
  • teach essential trade skills to students and expand their knowledge in this area
  • develop design and creativity skills essential for the new economy, and
  • develop commercial and project skills.
As an industry leader in the technology space with a growing global presence, Intelematics is a strong advocate for STEM skill development.