SUNA Traffic Channel launches in New Zealand

One of the world’s most advanced traffic services, SUNA Traffic Channel, is now available to motorists in New Zealand.

Intelematics, the company behind the SUNA Traffic Channel, is now providing up-to-the minute information on traffic congestion and road incidents directly to compatible navigation devices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The service can enhance the driving experience for motorists by helping them understand, anticipate and respond to adverse traffic flow and road conditions.

SUNA Live Traffic Updates will initially be available on the new Garmin nüvi models including the nüvi 2455LMT, 2495LMT, 2595LMT, 3490LMT and 3590LMT. The service is also offered as an in-app purchase on the Magellan RoadMate AU and NZ App for iPhone.

Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics, said the company has spent 12 months developing and testing the service in New Zealand prior to launching, and found that traffic congestion in the country’s major cities has made driving conditions difficult for motorists.

“SUNA Traffic will help motorists better navigate New Zealand’s busiest roads by providing real-time traffic updates so drivers are aware of incidents that are causing traffic delays. This information will allow drivers to better plan their journey, avoid areas of congestion and reach their destination on time. Even if a faster alternative isn?t available, accurate information on time of arrival can reduce stress and contribute to a safer driving environment,” said Game.

The SUNA service’s detailed congestion monitoring is made possible through real-time analysis of data collected from thousands of probe vehicles equipped with GPS systems. SUNA also incorporates information from The Radio Network’s leading Time Saver Traffic service, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and other sources such as emergency services and local government. When combined, these data sources provide a comprehensive view of traffic flows and incidents across New Zealand?s most congested areas to better inform motorists of the nature of traffic snarls ahead.

SUNA Traffic Channel has been operating in Australia since 2007, and is currently available in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth. SUNA’s Australian network of partners already include leading portable GPS device manufacturers, aftermarket in-car navigation brands and many vehicle manufacturers.

Intelematics is currently in discussion with New Zealand vehicle importers and several of its Australian customers to introduce SUNA to their New Zealand products, with further partnerships set to be announced later this year.