New SUNA service receives strong support from GPS brands

SUNA, Australia’s first real-time traffic information service, will be supported by about 80 per cent of the leading GPS device manufacturers.

SUNA announced that device manufacturers such as TomTom, Mio, Navman, Navway and Pioneer will offer the service, as well as in-car units from popular vehicle manufacturers such as Ford. The Australian service provides around-the-clock information on traffic delays and road incidents directly to the driver’s GPS system, allowing motorists to avoid congested roads.

SUNA’s unique technology is able to identify traffic congestion using data derived from traffic light control systems.  It is the first Traffic Message Channel service in the world to apply technology which takes advantage of the data collected by tens of thousands of vehicle sensors driving modern traffic light control systems. 

Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics Australia said SUNA is the only service of its kind in Australia and we are delighted that it has been so well received locally by the navigation industry.

“About 80 per cent of leading brands will now supply SUNA-enabled products, providing motorists with a range of different options with which to gather the real-time traffic information,” said Mr Game.

“It will enable motorists to make an informed choice whatever route they are taking, whether they are driving to work, picking up the kids from school, using the car for business or just visiting friends.”

The data gained from the control systems is supplemented by information from probe vehicles deployed in known congested areas as well as live observation of road conditions by trained experts.  This combined information and analysis can then be fed

directly to the driver’s GPS device through digital radio signals enabling a real-time update service.

Motorists can find out more information on SUNA by visiting: