Melbourne’s Intelematics ventures into European market

Cars.jpgMelbourne-founded connected automotive technologies company Intelematics has entered into a joint venture with European motoring clubs, AA in the UK, ANWB, the Dutch roadside assistance club and ÖAMTC, the Austrian club, to establish its European presence.

Intelematics, which is owned by Australia’s leading motoring clubs including a majority-stake held by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, and a minority stake held by NRMA, RACQ, RAA and RAC WA.

Intelematics Europe is partnering with three of the world’s largest motoring clubs to focus on the development of connected car services for the Clubs and vehicle manufacturers – from information and entertainment solutions, insurance services, smartphone integration and remote support services.

The first of the new connected car solutions is expected to be available to motorists later this year.

Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics, said the joint venture would benefit from the experience of high-quality partners in the AA, ANWB and ÖAMTC.

“This joint venture will allow Intelematics to expand our market reach and collaborate with some of Europe’s most trusted and respected motoring club brands. This initiative builds on existing relationships to create global best-practice vehicle connectivity solutions to benefit motoring Club members worldwide.

“Intelematics has a history of firsts in the automotive telematics industry, many founded on deep collaboration with leading car manufacturers, which has helped us maintain our position at the forefront of the telematics market in Australasia. Now with the expansion to North America and Europe, Intelematics is positioned to deliver connected car services to car manufacturers seamlessly across key international markets.”

Bob Mackenzie, Executive Chairman of the AA, said “Intelematics Europe will leverage the technology platform and capability of the Intelematics group, combined with the expertise, reach and brands of the AA, ANWB and ÖAMTC to provide innovative connected car services directed at roadside assistance club members in Europe, both in association with car manufacturers and directly for consumers."

Game says the initial Intelematics Europe solutions will access a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port to deliver remote support services and insurance related content, as well as the potential for Club members to save money by avoiding costly vehicle repairs – and combined, these elements will result in a more personalised and informed driving experience and, ultimately, increased value for motoring Club members.

Intelematics Europe has begun recruiting for key roles for its London office and Game said Intelematics Australia will also hire additional product development and customer support roles to join its Melbourne office in support of the expansion.