Intelematics announces upgrade to SUNA Traffic Channel

Melbourne, Australia, XX April, 2018: Intelematics, a leading provider of connected mobility services, announced a four year partnership with GEWI to support the latest upgrade to its SUNA traffic channel. The deployment of GEWI’s TIC3 software will provide operators with greater visibility and control over traffic data. Subsequently, users will experience traffic updates with increased accuracy and timeliness.

SUNA is an advanced digital traffic service operating in Australia and New Zealand that provides a rich source of information on traffic congestion and incidents. Covering more than 17 million Australians, the traffic service broadcasts to all Australian capital cities and major regional cities, as well as New Zealand.

Intelematics utilises road sensors and connected vehicles to gather traffic flow data. This is supplemented with incident information sourced from road authorities, emergency services and tow truck dispatchers to provide a comprehensive traffic service.

By upgrading to the TIC3 system, SUNA operators can better manage the delivery of traffic notifications through a range of improved capabilities. New traffic visualisation maps will provide operators with better tools for greater analysis and insights. Broadcast history can also be stored for an extended period.

“This is an important upgrade for the future of SUNA,” Dan Kelly, Program Manager Data and Content, Intelematics said. “TIC3 enables us to have greater visibility on data and provides us with the tools to give customers accurate and timely information.”

“The TIC3 upgrade has already been deployed to all the regions where SUNA is available. The benefits and advantages to this upgrade have already become apparent.”

About Intelematics

Intelematics is a leading provider of connected mobility services. Working in partnership with its clients, Intelematics creates and operates innovative and valued telematics programs that bring benefits to its clients and motorists.

Since its establishment in 1999, Intelematics has continually been at the forefront of the telematics industry due to its ongoing investment in great people and product innovation. Founded with the goal of providing motorists with a better driving experience, Intelematics’ expertise spans connected applications on the vehicle’s dashboard to specialist safety and security services to the creation of dynamic content such as real time traffic information.

Intelematics is the provider of choice to many of the Auto Clubs in Australia, North America and Europe with a reach to more than 100 million club members around the world.

About GEWI

GEWI’s TIC platform has been used by the world’s government road agencies/operators, police, broadcasters, and commercial traffic service providers since 1992.

TIC provides solutions for road planning, operations, and maintenance, work zone management, road incident and ITS asset management. TIC can also be used for public transport incident management, automated driving and connected vehicle technologies and services.

TIC is highly configurable and allows fast, cost-effective deployments. Global support is provided from GEWI offices in Europe and North America.