Highlights From Yow Data Conference

YOW! Data Conference 2018

Boris Savkovic
Senior Data Scientist, Intelematics Australia

I had the pleasure of recently presenting at the YOW! Data Conference in Sydney. Over 200 leading data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning practitioners attended this conference.

With the application of real-time data analytics continuing to gain traction all around the world, especially in the smart vehicle space, it was great to see such a strong interest in the field of data-driven technologies to derive smarter solutions.

During my presentation, I spoke about how Predictive Analytics can be used to detect and alert drivers about in-vehicle faults and failures before they actually occur. One key example of this was the predictive analytics relating to the detection of batteries close to the end of their life, which enables prompt servicing with minimal downtime and reduced driver frustration due to dead batteries.

As inter-connectedness and data exchange between infrastructure and vehicles continues to grow, we will see many opportunities for leveraging data to derive value both for drivers but also in terms of traffic management within the smart cities of tomorrow. This should result in opportunities for data-driven traffic flow optimisation and significant improvements in terms of the overall driving experience. In fact, real time traffic light feeds are already being leveraged to broadcast data into vehicle dashboards and smartphones in order to predictively inform drivers on upcoming traffic conditions and traffic light states, as well as providing driver advisory services (e.g. optimal speeds to follow in order to pass through a green light at the upcoming traffic light).

Taking a holistic view of these emerging trends, it is evident that there are many opportunities for data science to address major urban challenges around traffic congestion and traffic management as well as improving the overall driving experience with predictive services. It is an exciting time for the industry and an exciting time to be in the data science field as the industry moves towards the smart and data-driven vehicle and infrastructure technology of tomorrow.