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Intelematics - the intelligent choice for today and tomorrow

Technology moves fast, so Intelematics moves faster. We work to constantly to deliver the most up-to-date, relevant driver information.


Research and development that’s streets ahead

To stay streets ahead, you don’t just need to be aware of new technology - you must create it. That’s why we continually evaluate new data and examine potential new services, products, delivery formats and approaches. 

We keep ahead of the curve with an extensive research and development program. The result is robust telematics platforms, insight-driven apps and features, plus useful information for all road users.


Turnkey systems make telematics easy

Our abilities span the entire lifecycle of your telematics programs including services design, development, hardware integration, deployment, subscription renewal and program management.

We handle it all, but you don't have to take it all.

Our agile development process means we can help you to bring services and technology to market, before your competitors do, by taking advantage of our skills where you need them.

Let us handle existing and new in-vehicle services for you, so you can focus on your day-to-day business. 


Content provides a basis to our services

Our platforms aggregate and deliver up-to-date and relevant information to motorists, including traffic, fuel, parking, and weather information, local search facilities, and streaming radio. Other elements include the provision of safety and security services (including emergency accident assistance and stolen vehicle tracking), concierge services and travel time information.

Intelematics can also analyse vehicle data to determine the way the vehicle is driven and deliver the information back to the driver, fleet manager, or insurance company, as useful user-friendly content demonstrating potential cost-saving benefits.

Traditional telematics systems are complicated with varying and evolving in-vehicle technologies across vehicle model ranges. Our Telematics Services Hub (TSH) has been designed to work with any hardware, manage all data streams and integrate easily with existing business-critical systems.


Expert delivery of your programs

Intelematics isn’t only streets ahead when it comes to leading technology development, we’re also ahead of the rest in delivery.

We’ve been working with a range of automotive organisations and manufacturers since 1999 and through this experience comes expertise.

We’ve honed our skills in streamlining delivery of telematics, traffic and content programs, allowing us to guide your organisation through the challenges.

All our systems are built from the ground up to meet the exacting standards required by the most demanding car manufacturers and motoring clubs, ensuring your program delivers automotive grade services to your customers.

Through our relationships with auto clubs around the world, Intelematics reaches millions of end-users, providing us with a bank of information about preferred services usage, and how we can improve the performance of your program. 



Support for the long road

Our ongoing program management expertise makes us a supplier of choice.  Statistics speak for themselves - Intelematics has provided help to thousands of customers and we've delivered more than 15 million services since we began.

Post program or product launch, we engage all areas of our business to ensure our customers receive the best in service delivery.

By doing this, you will benefit from end user analysis, ongoing contact with customer relationship managers, field testing, and regular internal audits ensuring business best practice.




Core business qualities and processes

Intelematics upholds the highest standards in the industry, delivering reliable and secure programs to automotive companies. Our business management and customer program processes are robust, proven by our ISO9001 Quality Assurance standard held since 2008.

We are also able to adopt a customer’s preferred reporting approach when managing a telematics program. This allows you to incorporate our services reports into your own management systems, facilitating easier program analysis and management.