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Who We Are

Intelematics is the connected motoring provider of choice for the motoring clubs and automotive manufacturers in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.

Intelematics was founded in 1999, simultaneously in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, and quickly became the leading telematics provider in the region. We have continued to build on this success and have expanded our operations into North America and Europe. All three locations are built around teams of experts in their chosen fields.


Intelematics Australia (IAU)

IAU is the hub for our global technical and operational activities. This includes a range of specialised functions including R&D, architecture, security, vehicle hardware and integration, and the global operations centre.

IAU also houses the commercial business division that services clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Intelematics is owned by Australia’s leading motoring clubs including a majority stake held by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, and a minority stake held by the other Australian Motoring Clubs.

Intelematics North America (INA)

INA has a business centre located in Los Angeles, California.  

INA’s mission is to address the connected vehicle opportunity in North America (both club-related and OEM), leveraging the Intelematics Group's core technology.

Intelematics Europe (IEU)

IEU is a joint venture company with foundation equity partners IAU, The AA (UK); ANWB (Netherlands) and ÖAMTC (Austria).

IEU (through the technical resources of IAU) is currently focused on delivering a Connected Membership solution to the European motoring clubs. 

Building on the successful launch of these services, IEU’s ambition is to address further club and automotive OEM market growth across Europe.

Together the 3 organisations provide the footprint and reach for motoring clubs and automotive manufacturers to implement global telematics programs that benefit the individual markets and passenger vehicle drivers, drawing on global expertise for local markets.