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What We Do

We build great telematics products, offer exceptional traveller information services, provide positive business opportunities and make life on the roads better for all of our customers.

What began with the provision of GPS location-based vehicle and passenger safety and security services, has since expanded into convenience and concierge services.

Vehicle telematics provides motorists with a connection to their vehicle, information on the health of their vehicle, the journey ahead, as well as understanding more about the way they drive. 

We call it ‘Connected Mobility’, and it’s helping drivers connect better with the road, and our clients connect better with their customers.

Our experience has seen us become a trusted supplier and operator of vehicle telematics programs for automotive brands across three continents.

In our business, the wheels of change are always turning. And while we’re forever pioneering new technology, as a B2B supplier to the automotive industry, it’s your brand and your products that take centre stage, while we work in the background.

When you engage Intelematics, your team can take advantage of over 15 years’ experience delivering successful telematics programs; a deep knowledge of the automotive industry; as well as access to a formidable team of developers, systems integration and program managers who can create the best experience for your customers. The outcome is robust, integrated, marketable and bespoke telematics programs.

The road to a future of even smarter, safer vehicles looks bright. And we’re helping you lead the way.